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I started my working life in a Multinational company here in my home town of Dundalk. The company employed over 700 people at the time and it was here I learned how much I love people. I became interested in various complimentary Therapies to improve my own health and wellbeing, and I experienced great success. I decided to open my horizons and learn the art of healing.

Now I get great satisfaction in seeing my clients Heal and Grow. I have been working and learning in the Holistic field for twenty years and have helped many people on their journey. I qualified as a Reflexologist in 2002. Following that I trained to become a Reiki Master over the following three years. I also began my training in Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy in 2003-2004. In 2005 I trained in the art of Angel Energy Healing.

I provide a confidential service and offer treatments to suit client’s individual needs in a safe, calm and relaxing environment. I believe that to enjoy a full and healthy life it is very important to have balance in all areas mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I treat the whole person, rather than focus on the presenting ailment, and love to see the positive changes the treatments can make in my clients lives.

I know Fiona as a personal friend 40 years approximately. From I knew she was doing meditation and reiki I couldn't quite understand how it all worked - probably because I was too busy with my life and didn’t give it much thought. As my children got older and my life changed and got busier in different ways I was drawn to meditation and was curious as to how It would fit into my life. I didn’t know what I needed but knew I needed something. From the first meditation meeting I got it, and the inner me was visible. It was like a light bulb moment. It was a very personal experience I was happy to share with other like minded people in the group. Fiona has a very calm, understanding, non-judgemental quality which is perfectly suited to meditation. Confidentiality is very important to her. Her studio is very warm and welcoming and has a special something about it which has drawn me back again and again. I now know to make time for meditation as it has given me an awareness I was lacking and needed I would highly recommend meditation with Fiona, I am just sorry I didn’t GET IT sooner.

Fiona Shields - Spiritual walk

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