What is Angel Energy Healing?
Angel Energy Healing is a therapy which is used for healing on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels thus enhancing the physical well being of the client.

Energy is channelled in from the Angelic Realm, sometimes with the power and energy of a particular Angel or Archangel and always with the help of a host of Angels.

Every session is started by bringing the client into a relaxed but alert state of being by taking them through a Clearing and Balancing of the 7 main Chakras in the body, with the assistance of the Angels of the Colour Rays. This is part of the healing process. I then offer them a Cutting of the Ties with people, places, situations, behavioural patterns, and addictions, anything that they want to cut out of their lives. I then take them through a full body healing through the breath and visualisation with Archangel Raphael. Then if they are looking for any guidance with the help of the Angels we consult the Angel Cards.

Questions often asked.
Who are the Angels?
The Angels are messengers of God. We have our own Guardian Angels, hosts of Angels and the Archangels.

How do we get in touch with our Angels?
We just talk to them as though they were our best friend. We can communicate with them whenever and wherever we want.

How do the Angels help us?
The Angels are just willing us to ask for their help but they cannot and will not interfere in our lives. The Angels have a calming affect on our lives and those around us. The Angels will guide us along the way once we ask and are open to their help, and they are never too busy to listen to our requests and help us with both large and small requests.